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Kelloggs Cereal Coupons – April 2012

What child just doesn’t love Rice Krispies by Kelloggs? Let alone just putting milk on them and hearing the familiar snap, crackle and pop. It is great fun for the whole family to make treats out of Rice Krispies. Did you know that you can make Chocolate Bunnies for Easter if you are quick?  Just visit the Kelloggs website and get recipes for all kinds of treats, plus who says you have to keep these treats for certain times of the year?

So whether your kids want to make snacks for their Rice Krispies or just eat them with milk for April 2012 you can save money on your next purchase of Kelloggs Rice Krispies.

Kelloggs April Cereal Coupon

You can currently save $1 when you purchase 3 boxes of Kelloggs cereal. This is a great way to pick up lots of Rice Krispies or maybe even to just grab your own favorite cereal for yourself? Why is it we always think of our kids and spouses first and leave our wants last? Treating yourself with this coupon is easy and won’t leave you feeling guilty at all.

To get this Kelloggs Cereal Coupon for April 2012 visit this link today:  April 2012 Cereal Coupons. These coupons can be used in any Target location.